Monday, April 30, 2012

10 Years Cancer Free

We had our annual check up today and yes I say we because it's just as much for him as it is for me. I cannot even begin to explain the feeling of knowing that Jordan is 10 years cancer free. He is a junior in high school (close to being a senior) and very healthy. He got a clean bill of health today and all of his blood work and labs are perfect! Our long-term follow up nurse, Connie, talked to us about some of the different late side effects that Jordan could have possibly been experiencing at this time ... I am glad to say he doesn't have any of them with the exception of a little bit of hand and leg tingles but nothing that is causing major issues.  We are truly so blessed that his treatment plan went so well and so has his recovery. God is so good.  Here he is on Sunday morning  (April 29) preaching at a local church for a youth service.

He is planning on going to college for Biblical studies and hopes to be a youth pastor and then pastor one day.  I am so blessed!!!!!!!


  1. I read your story about your son and Am so happy for him and the family!! I have grandaughter that has Ewing Sarcome and is 7yrs old They found it in march this year. and since she has had chemo and surgery to remove 3/5 of the bone in her left thigh she just got her cast off and is going thru chemo again she has 8 weeks left. it's so scary. I made a few hospital gowns for her cause she said the hospitals gowns were ugly and the didn't close in the back. She goes to Children's hospital in New Orleans, la. to make a long story short all the kiddies and even the teen want gowns like hers. Someone said you can make plenty money by selling them, and I said I didn't wnat to make money on something that made sick kids happy. So I started making a few and sending them when my funds would permit and then more request from other parents and teens wanted Saints and LSU gowns. Well I thought to myself, if I could get fabric and supplies donate I could keep sewing. Today I sewed my 412th gown. I have sent to many other hospital to people that have seen it on facebook also. All made possible by donations of fabric, bias tape and thread. I love the poem with the dough/money. I will make these this year since I have 22 grandkiddies, some are step but they all call me mawmaw susan! I can sew instead of trying to shop and sew!!! I'd rather be sewing, it so relaxing and I'm retired/partime.

    1. Thank you for your comments and bless you for your kindness in making those gowns. I know my son always enjoyed all the handmade hats! May God bless your granddaughter and your entire family!